How does a fifth cinematic serving of Mission: Impossible sound?

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol red carpet

We'll start with the important stuff: "a brief statement made by Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman at the Paramount parent company's annual shareholder meeting Thursday in New York confirms the studio's intention to make a follow-up.  Dauman was asked by a shareholder if there were 'any plans to develop an additional sequel.' His response: 'Oh, yes.'"

Once upon a time Jeremy Renner was brought in to the Mission: Impossible franchise in order to become its new leading man after a transitional story starring Tom Cruise.  But then GHOST PROTOCOL made $679.6 million in total and became Cruise's highest grossing movie ever (used to be WAR OF THE WORLDS with #591.7 million), so Cruise basically said "f*** you plan, I'm having too much damn fun finally being an action star again."  Not that that's a bad thing, as I really enjoyed the very changed and troubled Ethan Hunt Cruise brought to GHOST PROTOCOL's story. 

It will still no doubt be a fair whlie before we hear anything more, as I'm sure everybody and their twelve-year-old kid with a camera wants Brad Bird to make a movie for them.  But whenever we do, you can read it right here!

Paula Patton

Extra Tidbit: IMAX. Holy wow was that shit intense. And holy nipples Batman, that picture of Paula Patton is intense too.



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