Hugh Jackman asks fans what they want in Wolverine 3; tweets new image

Hugh Jackman has confirmed several times over that WOLVERINE 3 will be his last outing as the character he first brought to life fifteen years ago. After appearing in every X-Men film since that first one, it will be a sad day when we finally see Hugh Jackman bust out his final "snikt" in WOLVERINE 3.

Hugh Jackman took to Twitter to tease "one last time" as Wolverine as well as to ask fans what they would like to see in the final film.

The above image was previously shared during the Fox panel of San Diego Comic-Con 2015 where Hugh Jackman also teased that WOLVERINE 3 would follow, or at least draw from, the Old Man Logan storyline. While I doubt that Hugh Jackman will actually incorporate any of the fan's ideas into the film, it's nice to know that he's at least listening to what we'd like to see in what he's promised will be Wolverine's best film yet. THE WOLVERINE director James Mangold will return to direct with Michael Green taking on scripting duties.

WOLVERINE 3 is set for a March 3, 2017 release.

Extra Tidbit: Give Hugh Jackman a tweet, but make sure to let US know what you'd like to see in Wolverine 3 as well.
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