Hulk Hogan says he'll be the villain in Expendables 4


Say what you will about the EXPENDABLES series, but it can take a lickin' and keep on tickin'! THE EXPENDABLES 3 earned a modest $200 million worldwide and while that's not exactly the numbers they were hoping for, it looks like it was enough to have the series carry on in some form. Last we heard was that Sylvester Stallone would be bringing this template to Fox TV, although a recent interview with wrestling star Hulk Hogan suggests that we might get to see another EXPENDABLES cinematic event.

Hulk Hogan on being in THE EXPENDABLES 4:

Was talking on the phone with Sly about doing THE EXPENDABLES 4. We’re trying to figure out a way to maybe turn me into the most evil man in the world. Ya know, Stallone gave me my first break and he’s been a great friend for all these years.

Whether or not he's up to the physicality of the role:

We had a great conversation, talking about the possibilities. Can I still run? Can I still jump? Well, not as fast or not as high, but, ya know, I think Hollywood could find a good stunt man to help me out.

I'm sure we're all in agreement that while the concept of THE EXPENDABLES is fantastic, they have yet to really nail the right tone as of yet. Perhaps there's something that's said for movies that are trying too hard to emulate what made 80s action films so great. If anything, maybe it should just try and do its own thing, as recent action flicks like JOHN WICK and MAD MAX: FURY ROAD deliver what action fans have been craving and then some! In any event, if there is an EXPENDABLES 4 in the works, Stallone has said before that they would head back to an R-rating. In my book, that's a good start!

I think we could all use more of this!

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