I want to jump these new 21 Jump Street posters

               21 Jump Stree Banner

Maybe it's youthful naivety, but I've never understood why a studio can pay millions and millions of dollars to make a movie and not find it worth their time to put together a poster that's halfway worth a damn.

And look, I know it isn't necessarily easy to market a movie. And I know that a poster's purpose is to grab people's attention with a combination of image and text that makes them then want to see the movie. But I don't get how some studios seem to think that laziness in the construction and quality of that poster won't turn people off. Maybe they think people will see it anyway because of the stars and such, so one poster doesn't really matter? Yeah, but... ah, I don't know.  I don't know.

Anyway, here they are - the two new posters for 21 JUMP STREET:

21 Jump Street Poster 2

21 Jump Street Poster 3

Extra Tidbit: To be fair, the trailer had quite a bit of funny stuff in it. "Are you guys on drugs? I don't like that. Put your tongue back in your mouth."
Source: IMP Awards



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