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Chloe Sevigny came into the New York hotel room for her interview and completely defied my expectations. She was much more...bubbly, than I had expected. Why, I'm not sure, but I was pleasantly surprised by her sense of humor and constant giggling. She seemed open to talk just about anything and though THE BROWN BUNNY wasn't brought up into conversation, I'm sure she would've taken it all in stride. Now the New Yorker talks about finally getting her shot in a Woody Allen film.

What was your reaction when you got the part? I was so thrilled beyond belief, because I had actually auditioned for Woody twice before and had not gotten them and was very disappointed. Really? Which ones? Umm, I think one of them was SWEET AND LOWDOWN, another one was one prior to that. What is it like to audition for Woody Allen? I was terrified! But I got to go to his office and read the entire script, which not many actors get to do. I felt like he must like me! So I felt a little bit safer walking into the project, knowing I had been privy to the entire script. Your character, Laurel, is featured in the "tragic" side but how do you think would she have fared on the comedic side? She would probably be a little tight for that world... Amanda Peet’s character is sort of my character in that. I think her performance is the best performance in the film. I love watching her busying herself with everything. I think she’s great in a Woody Allen film. I was kind of envious that they got to have more fun. It’s very hard in Woody Allen’s heavier films, the dramatic films. I don’t know if I like them as much as his comedies. I think it’s harder to work in those types of films.

Did you find it true that Woody often doesn't give his actors much direction? Well, he gave me more direction than I expected. A lot of the crew has been working with him since ANNIE HALL and they were saying he was shooting more coverage and more angles and speaking to the actors more than they had ever seen before. I thought we were kind of lucky that maybe he was changing it up a little bit, his directing style. Who knows what he was thinking... I thought he was pretty vocal. Vocal? He would never tell you when liked anything (laughs). But if it wasn’t right, he’d let you know, which is all you really need to know I guess. You were let out on your own a little bit, which is nice, because sometimes there’s so much direction. It’s heavy handed where every word and every line is analyzed. You were kind of left out there on your own, which is kind of good for your confidence; let you believe in yourself, believe in the choices you’re making. Being a big music fan, what did you think of the soundtrack for this movie? I was unfamiliar with most of them! I remember the scene where I had to play the piano, I was like, What am I playing?! I never heard the piece and I was terrified. I didn’t know what to emote. That was a very terrifying scene for me to do. The composers that we praised, I had never heard... I was really embarrassed. I don’t know anything about classical music; I was so in the dark. Maybe we’ll turn some people on to it. You’re working on a Jim Jarmusch film - is that done yet? I’ve finsihed it but I only play a small part. I did a short film with him a couple years ago that was part of a full-length feature called TEN MINUTES OLDER. It was ten or twelve short films by different directors compiled into one. We have a really good, strong relationship. He’s the only director that I’ve maintained a relationship with. He even calls on Christmas. He said, "All the parts are for older women, but I have a small part, would you please do it?" I just adore him and his movies. It stars Bill Murray and it has a large cast of these incredible women. I play a secretary to Jessica Lange. It was fun, I worked a few days. The movie’s going to be good.

What’s the story about? Bill Murray is kind of this Don Juan character. He gets this mysterious letter and goes on this hunt. It’s kind of a detective story but in a Jim Jarmusch kind of way. What other upcoming movies do you have? MRS. HARRIS is a true crime story. Sir Ben Kingsley plays Dr. Tarnower, and Annette Benning plays Mrs. Harris. I am Dr. Turnour's young nurse and lover. Did you really refer to him as Sir Ben Yeah... Everybody has to refer to him as Sir Ben. They actually sent out a memo to cast and crew (smiles). You're serious? He actually insists on that? He does. Whatever you want to be called, I don’t care. People want to be called much more outrageous things than Sir Ben (laughs). I was fine with it, but some people gave him a hard time. Anything else lined up? I did the follow up to DOGVILLE with Lars Von Trier called MANDERLAY. I did another film called THREE NEEDLES, which is two years ago now, with Lucy Liu and Stockard Channing. That should eventually come out, it’s about the AIDS epidemic. That’s my favorite part I’ve played since BOYS DON’T CRY. I’m waiting eagerly for it to come out. Why the delay? There’s three different storylines. My storyline took place in South Africa, where I play a novice working in a mission with people infected with AIDS and HIV. Lucy Liu’s character took place in China and there was some SARS epidemic. They wanted to shoot on location, but it was postponed, some finance problems. Who knows... independent movies take forever.

Do you think we will ever see you fighting aliens or anything? I think so! I enjoy a little action every now and then. If it’s done well. I’m really excited about the Charlize Theron movie, AEON FLUX, where she plays that cartoon character. I love that cartoon. I met with that director [Karyn Kusama] and she had all these great ideas. I think it can be done well if I found the right project. Have you spoken with Woody about possibly working with him in the future? I have not. A funny thing actually happened the day after shooting. I went to a Knicks game and there’s this private elevator you can use, you know if you're a...celebrity (laughs). So I was in the elevator and he walks in with Soon Yi. I’m looking at him and waiting for him to say something. He didn’t say anything and I was just looking at him thinking, "Is he not going to say anything? Doesn’t he recognize me?" Soon Yi hit him and she’s like, "Woody, it’s Chloe!" Thanks a lot, you know? It was very funny, very telling. I think at the end of the day he just turns it off and walk away.
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