Interview: Ice Cube, Common, Eve & More talk about Barbershop The Next Cut!

It's been over ten years since we last saw the fine crew at Calvin's Barbershop! And now they are back with a few new characters, and a ton more laughs. The good news is, BARBERSHOP: THE NEXT CUT is infectiously fun! It is loaded with humor, heart, and a message of hope that will keep you smiling throughout. After watching this sequel, I wanted to make an appointment myself... And I sort of did.

At the junket for the new film, we spoke to some of the fan favorites, as well as a few new members. Sitting down again with Ice Cube, as well as the legendary Cedric The Entertainer, it was fun to talk about returning to Chicago and dealing with some very current issues. And I also discovered that I would totallly go to Ice Cube to get a haircut, even if he wouldn't recommend it.

Next up we talked with both Eve and Regina Hall about being a part of the team. The two lovely ladies opened up about what they brought to their characters, and perhaps what their characters brought to them.

While Anthony Anderson was a part of the original film, Common is new to the franchise. The two discussed the vibe on the set, and just how much fun it was to be a part of this incredible group. And yes, both actors add a ton of charisma to the already entertaining flick.

Finally, we spoke with director Malcolm D. Lee about taking on this story. While new to the franchise himself, he spoke on how they approached the balance of making a social statement yet making sure the humor was intact. This was my first visit to Calvin's Barbershop as well, and frankly I had a blast - I'll be catching up on the first two films for sure. If you are looking for a great cast and a winning script, check out BARBERSHOP: THE NEXT CUT this Thursday at a theatre near you.

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