INT: Marcia Gay Harden

There are a handful of actresses whose performances I can honestly say continuously impress me. Marcia Gay Harden is one of them. She is sweet, smart, gracious, and elegant. Although usually cast in a supporting role or part of ensemble cast, her performances are no less compelling as she embodies the most diverse roles with great ease. Having appeared in numerous films such as POLLOCK, MYSTIC RIVER, AMERICAN DREAMZ, THE DEAD GIRL and INTO THE WILD, she next appears as Mrs. Carmody, a religious fanatic in Frank Darabont’s upcoming horror flick THE MIST.

Based on Stephen King’s legendary tale of horror, Mrs. Carmody is among a group of people who are trapped in a supermarket in fear of the horrific, bloodthirsty creatures that have emerged from a mist created by a freak storm. The audience will love to hate Harden’s role of a religious nut job, which she recreates and epitomizes with terrifying conviction. It was a pleasure to chitchat with the delightful actress as she revealed her initial hesitation to take the part, the manifestation of Mrs. Carmody and working with the brilliant director Darabont. Check out the film to see just how great she is.

Source: JoBlo.com



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