Is Sony trying to keep Daniel Craig, Sam Mendes, and John Logan on board for the next 2 Bond movies?

Now that we know Sam Mendes is back in the mix for the follow-up to SKYFALL, we are beginning to get details as to why things turned around from where they were a few months ago. With Daniel Craig having contract negotiations, it appears that the current 007 star is the one heavily lobbying for Mendes to return. With SKYFALL breaking the $1 billion mark in worldwide box office it seems like a no-brainer to try and replicate that magic.

Rumors now are appearing that Sony wants Sam Mendes back but not just for Bond 24 but 25 as well. Daniel Craig's negotiations would also lock him in for the two films and this piggybacks on the previous news that screenwriter John Logan would be writing the next two Bond films. Does this mean that we will be getting SKYFALL 2 and 3 or just a consistent team behind the movies?

Despite some fans not loving SKYFALL, it was heads and tails better than QUANTUM OF SOLACE. For my money it still fell short of CASINO ROYALE, but Mendes definitely put the film back on track. The question would be whether or not Sam Mendes would be willing to commit the next half decade to James Bond and nothing else and whether or not that rumored 2014 release date is still in play. If Christopher Nolan was able to churn out THE PRESTIGE and INCEPTION between DARK KNIGHT movies, it shouldn't be impossible for Mendes to work on other movies.

Extra Tidbit: Only 4 other directors have filmed 3 or more James Bond films: John Glen, Lewis Gilbert, Guy Hamilton and Terence Young.
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