Ivan Reitman would allow Ashton Kutcher to be in Ghostbusters 3?

I just can't with this news.

The original headline from Digital Spy reads, "Bill Murray 'has seen Ghostbusters script", but we all know Bill Murray could give a f*ck less. The script is probably under a golfing magazine with a box of tissues on top of that. It's been said that this movie will only be made if Murray agrees to sign on.

In the interview below, director Ivan Reitman says that he's keeping his fingers crossed hoping that Murray will accept the offer. Currently they are waiting on the actors word. Will he do it? Does he have better things to do with his time like go on chat shows on CNBC? He's Bill Murray--he can do whatever he wants.

What disturbs me about this is the fact that Ashton Kutcher would try to weasel his way into the cast of GB3. Reitman says it's, "Absolutely possible" that the "actor" could have a part. Whether he's being polite or not, that shit isn't funny. Ashton, we already told you, you are Kelso and that dude that eventually found his car.

Worst joke ever. I mean, unless you don't care about GB3 then it really doesn't matter if Kutcher is in it or not.

Extra Tidbit: Jamie Hyneman once said this on MYTHBUSTERS about the ghost trap, "For anyone that was wondering where the trap came from well, the guy from Mythbusters made it."
Source: Digital Spy



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