James Franco will go full creeper mode for The Game

Down in the dumps because you can’t get lucky at the bars? Have trouble talking to the ladies? Don’t worry, because James Franco is here help. Let him guide you, and teach you the ways of the pickup artist.

Deadline is reporting that Franco will play the pickup artist known as Mystery in the movie THE GAME in the adaptation of the book, THE GAME: PENETRATING THE SECRET SOCIETY OF PICKUP ARTISTS by journalist Neil Strauss. The book recounts Strauss' infiltration of a “seduction community” while creating the persona of “Styles” with Mystery acting as his mentor.

THE GAME will be the first of four feature movies Franco will produce with partner Demian Gregory, all with budgets between $15-20 million. There are no directors or other cast members aligned with the movie at this point.

This role seems right up Franco’s alley. Not only does he seem perfectly capable of being a slinky, creepy pickup artist, he also has a knack for embracing these eccentric kinds of roles. The movie itself seems fascinating, as it will delve into a world no one really gets to see, but everyone has an idea in their head of the kinds of people who belong to it. If nothing else, it will be entertaining to see Franco play the King of Tools.

THE GAME is set to being production next year.

Source: Deadline



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