James Mangold to direct Patty Hearst drama, Elle Fanning in talks to star

In following up the success of his X-men-related film LOGAN, director James Mangold has decided to point his camera in the direction of Patty Hearst for his next feature-related project. In 1974, Hearst was abducted by a left-wing terrorist group consisting of twenty members known as the Symbionese Liberation Army. She later became a member of the extreme group.

The movie, which has yet to find a title, will be based upon Jeffrey Toobin's best-selling "American Heiress" novel. As per the book, Mangold's film will take cues from Toobin's reporting as it explores Hearst's kidnapping and re-emergence as a member of the terrorist organization. For the moment, Elle Fanning is being eyed for the role of Hearst, a woman who took Stockholm Syndrome to new heights when she joined her capture's cause.

The screenplay for the film is being written by Larry Karaszewski & Scott Alexander and Mangold himself. Furthermore, Mangold will also produce the drama with  Nina Jacobsen and Brad Simpson of Colorforce.

In accordance with the film's tagline, the Hearst film project “traces the audacious, kaleidoscopic and psychologically twisted story of a true-life Alice in Wonderland.” It will follow Hearst’s capture and two-year detainment by the Symbionese Liberation Army in the mid 1970’s, as well as her transition from hostage to warrior. The kidnapped heiress captured the world’s attention when she was caught on tape participating in armed bank robberies. Her arrest and trial sparked a media frenzy.

With both Mangold and Fanning in such high-demand, this adaptation is sure to be one to watch as it developes.

Source: Variety



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