James McAvoy reprises Mr. Tumnus as a sex symbol for the modern age

Given his recent roles as Professor Charles Xavier in X-MEN and as a killer with split personalities in SPLIT/GLASS, it’s hard to remember that James McAvoy was just a sweet little faun in the movie THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE. Not only has he come a long way as an actor, but his fantasy character has gone through a bit of a transformation as well – into that of sex symbol across the internet. Many people around the deepest parts of the web have turned him into a bit a hunk, fauning over his mixture of English heartthrob with, well, a goat. In a new sketch on SNL this weekend the matter was addressed with McAvoy as host, reprising the character and accepting his place as a modern sex god.

In the sketch, McAvoy’s Tumnus is minding his own business, playing his version of the jazz flute, when soon stars Cecily Strong, Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon stumble upon his little cottage. Knowing exactly who he is, all the women waste no time expressing their desire to get down with some half-man, half-goat thing action. Tumnus is very used to this.

“Hundreds of your kind visit me every year, because in a way I’ve become an unlikely sex symbol for a very specific sort of woman,” he says. “Sort of a lazy Hermione, if you will.”

He continues, “To you, I am the perfect combination of man, animal, scarf and flute music. I’m like Frodo but without the baggage and drama.”

That all sounds just about right to the women, with McKinnon cutting to the chase saying she wants to put her “thumnus in your bumnus.” But, sadly, none of this matter, as Tumnus has taken up a loving relationship with now-grown Pevensie children – Edmund – who gifts his lover with his favorite Turkish Delight. Ah, such a sweet pairing, even if the ladies must go home with clean thumbs. 

GLASS is in theaters now, and you may be able to find weird pictures of Mr. Tumnus on the internet. 

Source: SNL



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