Jason Lee and Shannen Doherty will return for Kevin Smith's Mallrats 2


Kevin Smith has wasted no time assembling his MALLRATS 2 cast, despite several other projects (CLERKS III, HIT SOMEBODY, MOOSE JAWS) initially standing between now and then. Last we heard, Smith assembled Jason Mewes, Stan Lee and Michael Rooker to take a return trip to the mall. Today we have confirmation that (arguably) the star of the show has returned; Jason Lee. While the story of MALLRATS didn't win anyone over, Jason Lee's performance as Brodie Bruce did, and paved the way for him to kick ass in future Smith movies like CHASING AMY and DOGMA. Aside from his bit part in CLERKS II and JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK, this will mark the first time Jason Lee has taken a major role in a Kevin Smith movie since 1999's DOGMA. He's not alone, as his MALLRATS girlfriend, Shannen Doherty, will also be making an appearance.


Kevin Smith on the above picture:

"Saaayyy... Would YOU like a chocolate covered pretzel?" BRODIE IS BACK! So by the end of this year, Jason Lee is coming to the MALL, ya'll! 6 down, 6 to go! Collect 'em all!


Smith on Shannen Doherty returning:


On the new Hollywood Babble On , Shannen Doherty says she's going back to the Mall, ya'll! This is special to me because it was Shando herself who single-handedly got MALLRATS the green-light back in '95! So Rene returns, as the RATS roll call continues! 5 down and 7 to go! Collect 'em all!

Kevin Smith notes that there are now 6 down and 6 to go. We could surmise that Jeremy London and Claire Forlani (TS Quint and Brandi, respectively), being the other two leads of MALLRATS, are definitely 2 of them. If I was a betting man, I'd say that Joey Lauren Adams, Ethan Suplee, Renee Humphrey, and Ben Affleck are the other 4. I'd imagine Affleck's schedule is a little packed these days with detective work, but I'd love to see a plot involving his character, who likes to screw people in a very uncomfortable place, exacting revenge on Brodie. It's worth noting that Smith initially said shooting ON MALLRATS 2 would start in 2016, but he states that, "by the end of this year, Jason Lee is coming to the MALL, ya'll!" Either way, I'm happy to see the momentum continue on a sequel I'd never thought we'd get!

MALLRATS 2 should go into production late 2015, at the earliest.

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