Jay Baruchel doesn't want to die at James Franco's house in this new clip from This is the End

This is the End

At first I was worried when THIS IS THE END and Edgar Wright's similar film THE WORLD'S END were scheduled to come out in the same year but I think there's room for both apocalypse comedies. The red-band trailer for THIS IS THE END really caught people's attention and many (me included) can't wait to see what sort of horrible things are going to happen to these celebrities as the world crumbles around them.

In this new clip for THIS IS THE END from MTV, Seth Rogen and company have realized just how bad things are outside and they are debating if they should stay at Franco's place or leave. Jonah Hill has a valid argument but when the end of days are really upon us celebrities will be the last to be rescued. Come on: you know it's true.


After a series of cataclysmic events ravage Los Angeles, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride and Craig Robinson must face the true meaning of friendship and redemption as the world ends around them

My only concern for THIS IS THE END is that the "actors playing themselves" schtick might get a little old and there might be too many jokes surrounding that concept. But I guess that's the whole point of the film and to be honest I'm willing to let some of it slide if THIS IS THE END leaves me with my sides aching and my pants filled with piss from laughing like it should.

THIS IS THE END is in theaters June 12th, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: Do you think The Doors' song "The End" will be used at some point in the film or do you think it's too obvious? It's what I think of every time someone mentions the movie.
Source: MTV



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