Jessica Lange joins Mark Wahlberg in Rupert Wyatt's remake of The Gambler

It was only a matter of time before Jessica Lange's career renaissance brought her to a big movie. Aside from her three amazing roles on AMERICAN HORROR STORY, Lange has only had two film roles: a supporting turn in THE VOW and the upcoming erotic thriller IN SECRET. Once again cast as someone's mother, Lange will join the cast of Rupert Wyatt's remake of THE GAMBLER.

THE GAMBLER is based on the short story by Fyodor Dostoyevsky and specifically on the 1974 film version that starred James Caan and Lauren Hutton. This will mark Rupert Wyatt's first film since RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES. Mark Wahlberg will star and Brie Larson is in discussions for a role as well.

Wahlberg will reprise the role James Caan played in the original of a college professor whose gambling addiction takes over his life even after his debts lead to some nasty new friends.

The original movie was scripted by James Toback who has been critical of remaking the movie, but the 1867 source story has been filmed several times. I don't know if they will be going for a similar tone to the Caan version, but Wahlberg will definitely have some interesting exchanges with Jessica Lange as his mother in the film. Lange herself is a two-time Oscar winner (Supporting Actress for TOOTSIE, Best Actress for BLUE SKY) and deserves another shot at a trophy, especially after how great she has been on the small screen.

THE GAMBLER has no release date yet but stay tuned for more developments.

Extra Tidbit: I was almost hoping this was going to be a movie version of the Kenny Rogers song.
Source: Deadline



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