J.J. Abrams and Fringe showrunner J.H. Wyman sell action-packed sci-fi buddy cop show to Fox

Bad Robot logo

J.J. Abrams is involved with two television shows currently running - "Person of Interest" and "Revolution" (check out the first episode in full here).  So why not add a third? That way there's as many shows as there are "Js" in the names of the two people involved, as his new show was pitched with the assistance of "Fringe" showrunner J.H. Wyman.

Though untitled at this time, the has been well recieved by Fox and comes with "a pilot production commitment. It is described as an action-packed buddy cop show, set in the near future, when all LAPD officers are partnered with highly evolved human-like androids."  Now that "Fringe' is wrapping up, Wyman will write and Executive Produce the new series should it go beyond pilot.

Understandably we don't have much information about the show yet, but does it sound like something you'd watch? Or rather, what elements would it need to have to distinguish it from the glut of available television these days?

My question is: how many self-referential puns will Wyman throw in as J.J. Abrams is producing through his Bad Robot banner (the logo of which is pictured above)? Because if it were me, there'd be a lot.  Okay, maybe three.  But still, they'd definitely be there - I'm too weak to resist such an easy joke.

Zoe Saldana BW chair

Zoe Saldana is, of course, joing J.J. Abrams once again for STAR TREK 2.

Extra Tidbit: I initially mis-typed STAR TREK 2 as STARK TREK 2. Which actually presents some interesting ideas...



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