JoBlo Movie Show #3

I can't believe that we're already at episode#3 of the JOBLO MOVIE SHOW (episode #1, episode#2) and the cops still haven't kicked down my door. I mean, seriously...time flies when you're having fun, I guess. By the way, if you're enjoying our little online movie show, please tell some friends. And then ask them to tell two friends, and so on and so on and so on. Hopefully everyone enjoys our latest show (or at least most of ya) featuring:

  • Matt Withers' first appearance alongside his inaugural FIVE SPOT, which is a lot like our TEN SPOT, only shorter

  • The Arrow (aka John Fallon) presents us with an exclusive first look at his short entitled THE RED HOURS

  • JimmyO reviews CHOKE and APPALOOSA

  • Jenny returns with the latest THE CELEBRITY MINUTE

  • You will also find my own video ode to TRUE ROMANCE in this episode, along with the triumphant return of GUESS THE BOOBIES and some more cool shit

NOTE: The JoBlo Movie Show can also be accessed on the YOUTUBE JOBLO MOVIE CHANNEL or directly on ITUNES.

Source: JoBlo Video



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