JoBlo Movie Show #6

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Our last episode happened to be Halloween-themed because...well, it went live on October 31st, aka Halloween, and since today's episode (our 6th official show) goes live on the day that the 23rd James Bond film is being released (QUANTUM OF SOLACE, for those who'd been living in a van under a bridge somewhere), we decided to make our show somewhat BOND-themed. Hopefully you all dig it and as usual, please SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS if you enjoy the shows. This week's show features...

  • Our own Bond maniac, Chris Bumbray counts down his 5 Favorite Bond flicks of All-Time

  • John Fallon aka the Arrow gives us his list of his Favorite Actors who Portrayed the Great British Spy

  • Jenny is back with her list of hottest Bond chicks? You bet!

  • Jason Adams (and Wonder Woman?) returns with the latest news of the DVD front, as well as the most awful movie clip he could find this week!

  • JimmyO checks into HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 (??), of course not! The 'Stache checks into QUANTUM OF SOLACE and SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE this week

  • The show also features the announcement of the 5 winners from last week's NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS contest, the HOTTIE OF THE WEEK (rhymes with Shmelizabeth Franks), plenty of fun LITTLE KNOWN FACTS about Bond, as well as Moreno's picks for future Bonds and the return of our HERO AND VILLAIN OF THE WEEK (Twilight and Stifler?!). Phew!! 



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