Joe Wright's fairy tale reboot Pan will hit theaters Summer 2015

And your next competing studio project will be: Peter Pan movies. Currently in development are at least three movies inspired by J.M. Barrie's classing tale of a magical boy who never grows up. Gary Ross is developing PETER AND THE STARCATCHERS while Channing Tatum and Joe Roth are working on an origin story called NEVERLAND. But, the first project with a concrete release is Joe Wright's PAN which will be hitting theaters in 2015.

PAN will be an origin tale that pits the Lost Boys against pirates led by Blackbeard rather than Captain Hook. It remains to be seen if the story will take place prior to the events in the original story or if this will be a completely new tale. We do know that aside from Joe Wright directing that the screenplay will be written by Jason Fuchs (ICE AGE: CONTINENTAL DRIFT) and producer Greg Berlanti (ARROW).

Javier Bardem was approached to play Blackbeard but there has been no confirmation on that or any other roles. I like the idea of a darker take on Peter Pan, but it seems like everyone is already doing that. The character on ONCE UPON A TIME is actually a villain himself so if PAN is going to work it is going to need to be a truly unique take on the story.

PAN hits theaters on June 26, 2015.

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