John Krasinski might appear in Colin Trevorrow's Jurassic Park IV as a "dinosaur tamer"

Jurassic Park IV

Hot on the heels of yesterday's comments by director Colin Trevorrow about JURASSIC PARK IV comes word from Movieweb that John Krasinski might star in the film as a dinosaur tamer.

In June, plot details surfaced from Jurassic Park IV that indicate the actual theme park is up and running. Now we're hearing that The Office star John Krasinski is up for a role as one of the theme park workers in charge of 'taming' some of the dinosaurs.

You can check out the plot details mentioned above right here. Movieweb also says Krasinski's role is similar to Dennis Quaid's Mike Brody in JAWS 3-D. If the rumors about the theme park are true I can see why they would compare the two roles, but hopefully the quality of the two films won't be same. I haven't watched that much of The Office (the American version anyway), but I've enjoyed Krasinski in most of the films he's starred in (especially AWAY WE GO), and I think he would be a good fit for JURASSIC PARK 4.

JURASSIC PARK IV should be in theaters sometime in 2015.

Extra Tidbit: Maybe one of the dinos he tames in JURASSIC PARK IV will be named Dwight.
Source: Movieweb



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