Johnny Depp is in talks to return for the Alice in Wonderland sequel

Johnny Depp must not have gotten the memo that his last two films bombed at the box office. Both DARK SHADOWS and THE LONE RANGER were creatively lacking and critically panned and yet Depp continues to pretend that he is infallible. In fact, while he continues to pile on the crap-wagon with the upcoming fifth PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movie, Depp has apparently also entered negotiations to return for Disney's Tim Burton-less sequel to ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

Deadline reports that Depp's multi-year first look deal with Disney that he signed back in March has him in talks to appear in the sequel being directed by James Bobin (THE MUPPETS). The first ALICE IN WONDERLAND grossed a billion dollars worldwide when it hit theaters in 2010, mainly due to being the first major 3D release after James Cameron's AVATAR.

Johnny Depp was beginning to look like he was giving the character shtick a rest with the first images from TRANSCENDENCE earlier today, but apparently he doesn't know when to say enough. I like Depp as an actor and a personality, but this is getting to Adam Sandler levels of ridiculousness. Does Depp truly not care about his "art" anymore?

Tim Burton was the lone element of appeal for me in seeing ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Having Depp back may be Disney's way of trying to ensure a positive box office return for the sequel, but after THE LONE RANGER, I am not so sure that is a lock anymore.

Source: Deadline



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