Join us now for our live Tweet and live chat for the 86th Oscars!

Chill the beer, butter the popcorn, and prep your Oscar contest picks folks cause we're back again for the 86th Annual Academy Awards. Tonight may prove to be a very interesting one as there's many favorites amongst the nominees and a great deal of uncertainty in particular categories. Hopefully they won't bore us to death yet again with endless montages and musical numbers so keep your fingers crossed and just keep wishing that Seth MacFarlane was returning again as host.

To celebrate tonight's events in true JoBlo-style, yours truly will be hosting a LIVE CHAT during the entire ceremony much like the terrific one we had just a few weeks back during the 2014 Golden Globes. It was a lot of fun and we hope you can join us as we talk about the funnier moments, who won/who lost, awkward speeches, dumb commercials and whatever else may turn up. Just visit back to this article before the ceremony as the chat will begin at 7pm EST. Also if you happen to be mobile or out-and-about during the ceremony, Editor-in-Chief Paul Shirey will be hosting our LIVE TWITTER FEED (@JoBlo Twitter page) for all the latest updates on the event. Hope to see you then!

Also, if you need a refresher on the nominees, we've set up a sweet Oscar-nominated movie trailer playlist on our You Tube channel, which you can check out be clicking below.

A huge thanks to everyone who joined us tonight for the live chat, we had an absolute blast and can't wait till next year! Good night everybody!
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