UPDATED: Joss Whedon's Cabin in the Woods will finally be released by Lionsgate

UPDATE: So much for finally getting CABIN IN THE WOODS this year. Deadline says that Lionsgate has scheduled it for April 13, 2012. At least we'll finally see it! (Unless they move it again...)

April 28, 2011: Someone sensed stardom for Chris Hemsworth before he ever picked up the hammer for THOR... but we've yet to experience it ourselves since two of his high-profile roles have been sitting in a vault because of MGM's financial adversity.

Now thanks to Lionsgate, one of them will finally make it to theaters. The studio has grabbed CABIN IN THE WOODS, the horror flick directed by CLOVERFIELD writer Drew Goddard and co-written by Joss Whedon (who'll be working with Hemsworth again in THE AVENGERS).

No word yet on a release date, but it will likely be later this year. The movie has been gathering dust since MGM's initial scheduled release in October of 2009. The first delay was supposedly to convert the movie to 3D, although that may no longer be the eventual format.

The movie involves college kids experiencing terror and death at the titular locale, and also features familiar actors like Richard Jenkins, Bradley Whitford and Keith David.

Hemsworth's other big MGM movie, the remake of RED DAWN (in which he plays the Swayze role), is still hanging in limbo and apparently getting reworked villains so we don't anger our Chinese overlords.

Extra Tidbit: The same summer Hemsworth slammed into Eric Bana's spaceship, he also menaced Steve Zahn and Milla Jovovich in THE PERFECT GETAWAY.
Source: Deadline



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