Judge Reinhold to rejoin Eddie Murphy on CBS' Beverly Hills Cop series

For a long time, I held out hope for a quality BEVERLY HILLS COP IV that never came to fruition. Probably a good thing as Brett Ratner was attached to it for a while. But, when news began swirling that CBS would develop a sequel television series and that Eddie Murphy would appear as Axel Foley, I was excited. While the show will focus on Axel's son, played by Brandon T. Jackson, knowing Eddie would be back in his classic role gave me some hope that it may be a decent follow-up.

Add to those two the latest news that Judge Reinhold will appear in the pilot as his BEVERLY HILLS COP character of Billy Rosewood and now I am very eager to see how the show turns out. Rosewood will, according to The Wrap, have gotten a promotion since the third film in the series. While they are calling it a cameo, the potential to have both returning cast-members in the series lends a lot of credibility to the new series, even if it is on CBS.

Okay, to be fair, CBS may be the NCIS network and aim at mostly middle-aged audiences, but I have to admit I like ELEMENTARY quite a bit and having that show back to back with BEVERLY HILLS COP sounds like a nice one-two punch. I must firmly recommend they offer Judge Reinhold a regular status on the series or I will be boycotting.

Shawn Ryan (THE SHIELD) is producing the pilot which also stars Kevin Pollak. There is no date for when the show will air, but I would bank on it premiering this fall.

Source: The Wrap



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