Justice League Dark loses Doug Liman; It director on short list to replace

Directors come and go all the time from projects, but when it’s a talented filmmaker leaving a potentially big flick it feels especially painful. Such is the case with director Doug Liman (EDGE OF TOMORROW) who has decided to leave the upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK film. Conspiracy theories may abound, but in reality the reasoning is one we’ve heard a bajillion times.

According to Variety the director left the projects due to scheduling conflicts with his upcoming movie, CHAOS WALKING, which recieved a green light not long ago and cast Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland. TOMORROW 2 is also on the way, and got a title recenty. Sources have come out and said Warner Bros. is already looking for another director, and thanks to a tweet from THR’s Borys Kit one director is already high on the shortlist – IT director Andres Muschietti.

The director has already tackled the upcoming horror flick for the studio, which is already receiving tons of positive buzz thanks to two appropriately terrifying trailers, the first of which holds the all-time 24-hour viewing record.  Though his involvement is far from confirmed, it seems logical that WB would look somewhere in their ranks to helm the now vacant director role of DARK.

Not much is known about the actual plot, but the story revolves around a team of lesser known comic book areas from the “darker” side of the DC universe, including John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna, and Etrigan the Demon..

I like Doug Liman. He’s a guy with solid films at his back, including the tremendous TOMORROW, and seeing him tackle a relatively unknown side of the DC universe could have been exciting. However, I actually think a horror director like Muschietti could make more stylistic film, one that mixes the horror elements of the source material with big-budget spectacle. I mean, a movie with a character called Swamp Thing should be a little eerie, right?

IT arrives September 8.

Source: VarietyTwitter



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