Kato found!

Sony Pictures announced on their twitter that Taiwanese actor/singer Jay Chou will be filling in the shoes once worn by legend Bruce Lee in the upcoming GREEN HORNET starring Seth Rogen. This comes a month after Stephen Chow stepped down from the part.

Personally, I think it's a great idea that they cast someone fairly unknown. When I say unknown, he's unknown here, but he's HUGE in Taiwan. When I went to look Chou up I got a hundred pictures of a typical pretty emo boy that's for some reason popular. Now that I'm thinking about it (my boyfriend brought it up) Chou was in THE CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER. I don't remember the movie other than the fact that it was epic. When I see a lot of martial arts I get more excited that people are fighting than I do about the actual plot or characters.

Chou will do fine. As long as Michel Gondry does it right, I have no issues whatsoever. But when I heard Gondry was directing, it just didn't sound right to me. But he does make extraordinary movies and music videos. What am I thinking? He directed one of the best episodes of FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS!

Gondry does seem really excited about the pairing of Rogen and Chou, "Jay is incredibly unique and charming and fights like a wild dog! When I filmed him next to Seth, they had such great chemistry." Chou even seems like a smart guy, "It's an overwhelming experience to take on a role made famous by Bruce Lee. I won't try to be Bruce Lee's Kato -- I will try to bring my own interpretation to the part."

Maybe it won't be so bad after all.

Extra Tidbit: There's just too many dicks on the dancefloor.
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