Keanu Reeves is dressed to kill in John Wick 2 teaser; full trailer Saturday

JOHN WICK was no doubt one of the breakout movies of 2014. At first, I thought it was going to be some straight-to-DVD/limited release action flick because, really, I just assumed that was where we were at with Keanu Reeves. Then it came out, I saw it, and next thing I know I'm waking up in Juarez, Mexico with nothing but my underwear and a fresh Keanu Reeves tattoo on my chest. I assumed I blacked out from the sheer amazingness, and it was totally worth it.

Now the sequel is on the way, and in particular modern fashion we got the first glimpse of footage in the form of a teaser of the trailer, which is said to be coming on Saturday. This normally makes me wanna throw my desk at the wall in a fit of Keanu Reeves-style rage, but I’m so excited for this movie that I will accept any footage I can get.

Get it for yourself below!

The 17 second clip reveals a bit of what the first poster teased, which involves Reeves getting dresses-to-the-nines so he can kill everyone in style. As well, we can see that this journey will take Reeves around the world, which makes me wonder how much it costs to put a dog on an international flight. The final moment involving the shop worker, with a slew of guns behind him, lets us know they really are expanding on the world of assassins they introduced in the first WICK, which was probably my favorite aspect of the flick (totally rhymed). All I know is that Saturday can't come fast enough. Or maybe it can. What's the velocity on days?

John Wick returns in JOHN WICK: CHAPTER TWO on February 10, 2017

Source: Lionsgate



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