Kevin Smith splitting Hit Somebody into two films

When you're crafting a movie around a five minute song about hockey, you wouldn't think that you'd actually have too MUCH source material to go on, but that's a problem Kevin Smith has had as of late.

While writing the screenplay for HIT SOMEBODY, Smith realized that he had too much material for just one film. Rather than hack it down, his new plan is to release the film in two parts a-la-KILL BILL. But does Smith have as much draw as Tarantino or say, TWILIGHT or HARRY POTTER that he can get away with that rare move?

Yes, he has legions of devoted fans to be sure, but it seems like a bit of a risky move. In a Canadian RED STATE Q&A, Smith said that the first film will follow Buddy as he grows up and learns to play, and the second would be his career in the NHL as an enforcer.

Smith is supposedly trying to get some of his past favorite actors into the film in some capacity, including Damon and Affleck, which would help prospects for a two-parter. Overall, it doesn't seem like the most logical move however to split the relatively non-high profile film in half.

Will you see both halves of HIT SOMEBODY?

Extra Tidbit: I hope RED STATE is as good as it appears to be.
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