Langella in the Box

There aren't a lot of actors who've played Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, Zorro, He-Man's archenemy AND Superman's boss, but veteran thesp Frank Langella can make that claim. Why not take some time from such a legendary filmography to fool around with Cameron Diaz's box?

Langella has joined Richard Kelly's horror tale THE BOX, playing the mystery man who delivers the devious container to Diaz. The movie from the DONNIE DARKO virtuoso is based on a story called "Button Button" by Richard Matheson ("I Am Legend"), and revolves around a couple who discover that this strange box gives them fortune but causes misery to random people. Not a bad deal, really. Diaz's significant other has yet to be cast, although rumors suggested Seann William Scott would reunite with his SOUTHLAND TALES director for the flick.

Before the box-handling, Langella will finish up Ron Howard's adaptation of the Broadway play FROST/NIXON, portraying the role (Nixon) that won him a Tony Award.
Extra Tidbit: My personal favorite Langella role was in, of course... DAVE.
Source: Variety



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