Leo plays Atari

Leonardo DiCaprio will produce and is attached to star in an upcoming biopic of Atari creator Nolan Bushnell. Written by Brian Hecker and Craig Sherman (BART GOT A ROOM) the script will follow the life of the godfather of videogames. Bushnell brought kids' dreams to life with the creation of the Atari 2600 and kids' nightmares to life with the launch of the Chuck E Cheese restaurants (those animatronic mice were just plain creepy). Bushnell and Hecker were able to convince Bushnell to sign over his life rights after many had tried and failed (I'm sure flattering him with the casting of DiCaprio didn't hurt). With BLINK, AKIRA and now ATARI, DiCaprio has got a decidedly fanboy-friendly slate lined up at his Appian Way production company. DiCaprio is currently filming SHUTTER ISLAND for Martin Scorsese and despite a number of these other projects being hot, he hasn't decided on his next project (c'mon, just do AKIRA...you know you want to!).

Extra Tidbit: Apple guru Steve Jobs once worked for Bushnell at Atari.
Source: Variety



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