Leo's Deep Blue

The Deep Blue Goodbye

Leo DiCaprio's calendar just got even more crowded, with an apparent agreement to headline THE DEEP BLUE GOODBYE for 20th Century Fox. Nothing to do with the super-computer, but with  a series of books each titled with a color. I wonder what's the full title for Brown.

The project is based on the 21-entries strong Travis McGee series from John A. MacDonald, who's also behind the base novel for CAPE FEAR. Leo would portray adventurer Travis McGee, a beach bum who offers his services as "salvage consultant" to pay the rent, in what is probably envisionned as a new franchise. Although DiCaprio doesn't strike me as a sequels guy. Unless Martin Scorcese starts making them. Doubtful as well.

The film would probably be a welcomed change of pace for the actor who's been dwelling in the heavy and dramatic for a years now. Nothing wrong with those, just lighten up once in a while. Do a Marvel or something. And leave Akira alone, please.

Extra Tidbit: DiCaprio was on the short list to play BASTERDS' Hans Landa. Nothing against Leo but boy did Quentin make the right call on this one!
Source: Collider



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