Liev does a Mambo

Actor Liev Schreiber must have some free time before playing the younger version of Brian Cox's X2 villain, so he's spending it with talent like Jude Law, Forest Whitaker and BLACK BOOK babe Carice Van Houten. Not a bad way to fill the schedule.

Schreiber has joined the currently shooting sci-fi film REPOSSESSION MAMBO, set in a futuristic society where missing payment on artificial organs results in their involuntary extraction. Law plays a repo man forced to go on the run when his wife defaults on her own new pieces. Schreiber plays his boss at the company that forcibly retrieves their high-priced parts. The movie is directed by Miguel Sapochnik, based on Eric Garcia's novel. It faces thematic competition from the upcoming musical REPO: THE GENETIC OPERA from SAW guy Darren Lynn Bousman.

Once he's done collecting body parts, Schreiber will watch Hugh Jackman carve some up in the WOLVERINE prequel, playing Logan's adamantium-giver and former black ops honcho Stryker.
Extra Tidbit: Spellcheck hates Liev Schreiber.
Source: Variety



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