Hear Michael Giacchino's psychedelic end credits music from Doctor Strange

DOCTOR STRANGE is less than three weeks away, so if you’re not appropriately pumped then I don’t know what to tell you. Through the trailers and clips for the movie we've been delivered the trippy thrills promised to us by basically everyone involved, and it's shaping up to be Marvel's craziest movie yet. But the trippy action needs a psychedelic score to go along with it, and that’s where Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino steps in and delivers like the god he is.

Though you will have to wait until November 4 to get the full audio experience, the music we have been treated to (via Collider) will play over the final credits as fans wait for whatever teaser awaits them. The score itself is perfect for tuning in, dropping out and performing feats of interdimensional magic.

Have a listen below!

The score doesn’t sound like some of Giacchino’s other work, like the booming title music from STAR TREK, or the intricate, waltz-like tunes from UP that won him his Oscar. Instead he’s favoring a 60’s-era guitar sound to give the proceedings a kaleidoscopic style that, if incorporated throughout the movie, will compliment the mind-bending action. This is appropriate given the uniqueness of the movie, and would even play over nicely while you stare at the movie’s poster. Like the movie itself, the score sounds like it will be a standout in the MCU, and though it may not give the franchise (and audiences) a definable score to rally behind, it will at least offer something different. Did someone say "far out"? No? No one? Oh...

DOCTOR STRANGE with Benedict Cumberbatch, Rachel McAdams, Tilda Swinton, Benedict Wong, Mads Mikkelson and Chiwetel Ejiofor arrives November 4.

Source: Collider



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