15 Movies that we think need sequels!

With the recent news that we will be getting ANCHORMAN 2, a long desired sequel, movie fans will finally get a follow up film they actually want to see. With the glut of unnecessary and just plain bad sequels out there, here is a list of movies that actually deserve a second round on the big screen. Feel free to add your own desired sequel ideas in the talk back below.

#1 The Incredibles

I love this movie. I absolutely love it. I mean, this was essentially WATCHMEN for kids. This is the most perfectly executed origin movie out there and is perfectly setup for sequels galore. I know that we would not want to dilute the quality with a weak sequel, but it has been eight years since it was released (CARS and CARS 2 were only released five years apart). I would kill to see what happens when the superheroes return to this world. The best thing about the prospects of a sequel are the fact that it is a cartoon, so you don't have to worry about the cast getting old! THE INCREDIBLES is too good of a property for Disney to not follow up. I think this is the most likely one on this list to actually happen, let's just hope it happens sooner rather than later!

#2 Unbreakable

My favorite M. Night Shyamalan movie is the one that was pretty much on track for a sequel when the director shit the bed creatively. Shyamalan had made the best superhero movie before the genre was revitalized by SPIDER-MAN a few years later. The director has already stated the planned villain he created for the sequel has been incorporated into a different film he is writing, but that does not mean UNBREAKABLE 2 cannot still be made. Both Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson have shown they would be up for it still. I want to see what prison will do to Mr. Glass and whether Willis' character continues as a superhero after the credits rolled.

#3 Trainspotting

Another case of already having the plot ready to go, author Irvine Welsh wrote the sequel to his novel TRAINSPOTTING, entitled PORNO, a few years ago. Rumors had many cast members and director Danny Boyle contemplating getting the band back together but no progress has been made. Ewan MacGregor, Jonny Lee Miller, and Robert Carlyle are all committed to movie and television projects so this may be another case of everyone being too old to make a proper follow-up. At least we have the novel.

#4 The Evil Dead

So they are filming the reboot in New Zealand as we speak, but that is not and will never be THE EVIL DEAD 4. No one is Ash except for Bruce Campbell. Having had the honor of meeting The Chin in person, I can tell you there is no difference between the man and the character. Sam Raimi proved he still has the chops for horror when he directed DRAG ME TO HELL. The window is closing as both director and star are getting up there in age, so hoping for a Campbell cameo in the remake may be the closest we ever get to seeing the boomstick on the big screen again.

#5 The Goonies

If you don't love THE GOONIES, you are dead to me. This is the ultimate kids movie even though it is not appropriate for all kids. I am counting down the days until my sons are old enough to watch this movie so that I can watch the look of suspense and wonder on their faces seeing kids their age find a pirate ship, booby traps, and treasure. A sequel to THE GOONIES has been bandied about for years with no success. Most of the cast has moved on to Hollywood success (Sean Astin, Josh Brolin) while others hunger for a chance at more big screen success (ahem, Corey Feldman). At this point, a reboot is more likely but I still hold out hope of a sequel with the original cast returning as parents to the new Goonies.

#6 The Breakfast Club

Another movie that will probably make most people pissed for being included on this list, I still think a sequel to THE BREAKFAST CLUB would be a great idea. Here is how I envision it: the members of the club are pulled back together when their high school aged children are caught pulling a senior prank. This forces the parents back together to revisit the friendships they forged during that detention session almost thirty years before. Come on, wouldn't it be awesome to see Anthony Michael Hall as a rich, smarmy a-hole and Judd Nelson as a failed alcoholic in a role reversal from the original? There are countless ways that this would work as well as countless where it would crash and burn. The fact that John Hughes is no longer with us is reason to not mess with a classic, but I am just saying it would be a pretty cool blast from the past.

#7 District 9

I am sure many of you are going to cry foul on this one seeing as DISTRICT 9 stands very well on it's own. But, wouldn't you like to know if Christopher returns to rescue his race? While director Neill Blomkamp and star Sharlto Copley have both said a sequel/prequel will happen, their schedules are so full of upcoming projects that this sequel may just fade into oblivion.

#8 Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

When I saw WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? in the theater, my brain nearly exploded with how awesome it was. My seven year old brain almost shut down at the fact that cartoons and humans were existing in the same plane, not to mention the fact it was Disney and Looney Tunes characters together. I also wondered why I was getting funny feelings whenever Jessica Rabbit was on screen. Since 1988 there have been rumblings of a sequel and yet we have not seen a single real hope at Roger Rabbit returning to theaters. With movies like ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS, THE SMURFS, and HOP combining CGI and humans, why could they not create a movie where the 2D cartoons must try to survive in a Hollywood where their computer generated counterparts are getting all the work? Make a new Roger Rabbit, now!

#9 Grosse Pointe Blank

GROSSE POINTE BLANK is hands down the best John Cusack movie of the nineties after BEING JOHN MALKOVICH. The movie took all of the classic Cusack roles of the eighties and added the black comedy twist of making him a hitman. The supporting cast of Dan Aykroyd, Hank Azaria, and Jeremy Piven truly made this movie feel like a semi-sequel to a Cusack high school movie. Minnie Driver was cute as hell and it would be nice to see the same cast return for a look at where they are at another reunion (25 years, maybe)?

#10 Big Trouble in Little China

If Harrison Ford was able to don the fedora as INDIANA JONES again, there is no reason why Kurt Russell cannot don the wife-beater and portray Jack Burton again. The movie doesn't even have to be focused on Chinese mythology, just drop Burton into a different scenario. There are countless ways you can use the same character and his smarmy, sarcastic demeanor in another funny adventure movie.

#11 Gremlins

Much like GHOSTBUSTERS, we got two GREMLINS movies. One was obviously better than the other and we have spent decades waiting for another. Director Joe Dante has not done that much in recent years and would be welcome back behind the camera. But even if you rebooted the story while keeping Gizmo as the central character (no CGI, please!), this would be an awesome story to see back in theaters.

#12 The Professional

Luc Besson and Natalie Portman have discussed making a sequel to THE PROFESSIONAL featuring Portman's Mathilda as an adult. However, disputes between Besson and his prior studio Gaumont Film Company have pretty much nixed this project. But, couldn't you just imagine Natalie playing a badass hitwoman? I would pay to see that.

#13 Ghostbusters

This one is a no-brainer. GHOSTBUSTERS 3 has been in development hell for years. The fact that Bill Murray won't be in it pretty much means it won't happen (and shouldn't without him). But, we can hope that Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd can put together a good enough script to finally get the team back on the big screen. Cartoons and video games are just not enough when it comes to GHOSTBUSTERS!

#14 Willow

While Willow was not a box office success, it was still the first high quality fantasy epic that didn't have LORD or RINGS in the title. This is the movie that gives me hope that Ron Howard could handle the fantasy aspects of THE DARK TOWER series. A sequel should have been easy! George Lucas even went ahead and wrote two follow up novels so that a screenwriter's job would be simple! Come on, give us more Madmartigan!

#15 True Lies

Since James Cameron has publicly stated that AVATAR will be his movie-making future, it looks incredibly doubtful that we will ever see the sequel to TRUE LIES. Damn Arnold and his gubernatorial duties! I was hoping to see the future adventures of Harry Tasker and a pole-dancing Jamie Lee Curtis. Every single one of you reading this better not lie and admit that Jamie Lee's dance scene was hot as hell. Hopefully Cameron will give his blessing for a competent filmmaker to continue the story, maybe having Arnold take over the eye-patched Charlton Heston role. One can dream.
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