Top 10 Batman Costumes We Want To See on the Big Screen

With the latest BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE trailer showcasing three variations of the Batsuit, it seemed appropriate to reflect on the countless iterations of Bruce Wayne's armor over the years. Like Iron Man, Batman has found specialty exo-suits for a number of uses ranging from space travel to fighting super-villains from different dimensions and time periods. Here is our ranking of the ten suits Batman has employed over the years that we would love to see on the big screen some day. If you disagree or think we missed one, let us know in the talk backs below.

#1 - Flashpoint

In this Flash-centric DC event series, Bruce Wayne died as a child and Thomas Wayne becomes the masked Batman. The costume is subtle in it's differences from the classic Batsuit, but it still looks unique enough that I would love to see it hit the big screen. With the yellow utility belt replaced with a stark red color along with demonic scarlet eyes, this is one scary Batman. Plus, the cape reminds me of Spawn's cowl and that would just look awesome in a movie.

#2 - Arkham

The Arkham series of games are pretty well received these days and have a large number of armor variations to play with, but the default Batman skin is the perfect balance of what we have seen in comics and what could happen on the big screen. The physics of video games may not be exactly like that of the real world, but I find it hard to believe a big, hulking bat suit like the one pictured here could not be made a reality. This is what Batman really looks like.

#3 - Beyond

One day, I am confident a Batman Beyond movie will come to fruition and I hope that they don't change a thing about this futuristic armor. The colors and design are so distinct from the traditional Bruce Wayne Batman that you instantly recognize what it is. Here's hoping that when Warner Bros makes this happen we see it look just like this.

#4 - Hush

Another classic blue and gray costume, the armor from Hush looks very scaled down but also houses some cool tricks of it's own. All too often, big screen Batman armor has been molded rubber or primarily black. One day I hope we get to see a Batman that looks like the comics. Ben Affleck's DAWN OF JUSTICE outfit may be close, but I still want to see something more like this.

#5 - Justice

Another Alex Ross masterpiece, the Justice mini-series gives Batman a new costume that shares a color scheme and design style that echoes the Batmobile from the 1966 television series. This is so friggin cool looking and may not be the most practical design for a film, but I would love to see this.

#6 - Court of Owls

The first major storyline in the New 52 reboot of Batman, this is another exo-suit. Looking something like a scaled down Hulkbuster armor, this looks somewhat similar to Batman's suit in the DAWN OF JUSTICE trailers. So, we may be seeing this one in action sooner rather than later, but I still want to see the classic blue and gray color scheme employed.

#7 - Kingdom Come

In Alex's Ross iconic art, Batman looks more menacing in his advanced age than ever before. No longer Bruce Wayne but now entirely The Batman, this costume is a full exo-suit with a massive cowl and wings. While not as practical for daily use as the normal suit, this is the most intimidating and Bat-like suit we have ever seen in the pages of the comics and would look badass in a feature film.

#8 - Red Son

In this alternate history comic that finds Clark Kent arriving as an infant in Soviet Russia brought a very different version of Batman as well. Lex Luthor recruits Bruce Wayne whose parents were killed as a result of Superman's actions. This Batman shares a visual look that makes him look more like a mercenary with a winter cap and more rugged uniform that shares some similarities with Captain America's WWII design.

#9 - The Dark Knight Returns

Frank Miller's seminal 1986 mini-series envisioned an older, embattled Bruce Wayne whose armor looked very reminiscent of the classic batsuit. The primarily gray outfit, huge utility belt, and simple cowl and emblem embodies everything that defines Batman's look but is also very different than anything we have seen in the movies. Ben Affleck's uniform is reminiscent of this, but I would still love to see this suit on screen.

#10 - Knightfall

When Bane broke Batman's back like a pretzel stick, Jean Paul Valley took over and donned a new armor that was very different than anything Bruce Wayne ever wore. The blue and gold suit was distinct enough to tell the future Azrael from his predecessor and would definitely look cool on the big screen.

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