Top 10 Greatest Punches

After watching close to twenty hours of 'Ultimate Fighter' Saturday night on Spike TV, I needed a vent for my testosterone. I tried punching my dog but the little f*cker is too quick. Six beers later I woke up in a bush on the side of my house. This was the result (so my wife tells me) of climbing on my roof and screaming out war cries like Dutch in PREDATOR. As I humbly sit down in front of the computer, I've decided to show you how it's really done. A collection of the greatest single punches in the history of film. Feel free to chime in with your favourites below.

4. Mr. Anderson - THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS (2003)

It all came down to this fight. Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) battle for the better part of ten minutes before The One delivers this mind boggling blow to the side of Smith's face. The power of slow motion lets us feel every bone cracking second of it and leaves us wondering how anyone could get up after that.

1. Here Comes Mongo - BLAZING SADDLES (1974)

When a man roles into town on the bare back of a white bull and then punches the living shit out of an innocent horse on his way to the saloon, he is not to be f*cked with. Mongo (Alex Karras) makes one of the funniest entrances in movie history here but the part that still makes me laugh the hardest is the reaction on the horse's face as he's laying on the ground afterward. Priceless.

2. Hello, McFly - BACK TO THE FUTURE (1985)

For all we know, this punch saved all humanity. When George McFly's balls finally dropped and he laid out Biff, the world became a better place. Don't let the two sequels ruin it's importance and let's all thank the Gods that Marty didn't bang his Mom.

3. The Russian's Cut - ROCKY IV (1985)

This moment marks the only time in my life that I stood up and cheered in a movie theatre (give me a break, I was 11). After watching his best friend die in his arms, almost losing his wife, training in conditions fit for a Husky, and getting his ass beat for the first few rounds of the bout, Rocky finally finds a crack in the armor of the great Drago and lets loose with the punch heard around the world.

5. The Skate Around - SLAP SHOT (1977)

Steve Hanson (Steve Carlson) only needed one pass to realize there was something shifty about #2. The next time around he delivered this bomb sending the guy vertical and starting an all-out brawl before the puck was even dropped. The best scene in a film filled with memorable punching.

6. Ten Count - ROCKY II (1979)

I've seen shorter ten counts in the WWE. It all plays out in the name of drama though as Rocky swings so hard at Apollo's face - he knocks both of them out. I'll never really know why Rocky was getting counted out here. You can lose a boxing match by just falling down for ten seconds? Whatever, I don't think we've seen the last of The Italian Stallion. Stay tuned.

7. Deebo - FRIDAY (1995)

"You got knocked the f*ck out!" That's all Smokey (Chris Tucker) can say after Deebo (Tommy Lister) teaches Red (DJ Pooh) not to ask for his bike back, even if he did borrow it three weeks ago. Red gets his ass beat in front of his dad, doesn't get his bike back, and loses a gold necklace to Deebo the very next time he sees him. That's some cold shit right there.

8. The Beast - KUNG-FU HUSTLE (2004)

As The Beast (Siu-Lung Leung) does battle with The Landlord and his wife, Sing (Stephen Chow) decides it would be a good idea to break a giant piece of lumber over his face. Things go downhill from there. After a shot to the heart and a body slam, Beast delivers this classic. That bottom picture is Sing's head being punched through the concrete. Awesome.

9. One-Punch Mickey - SNATCH (2000)

I absolutely love Mickey's (Brad Pitt) reaction after this punch. He basically stamps Turkish and Tommy's (Jason Statham & Stephen Graham) death certificate and royally pisses off Brick Top (Alan Ford), which means he'll probably be fed to the pigs, and all he can do is laugh. Never trust a Pikey.

10. Wife Swap - RAISING ARIZONA (1987)

H.I. (Nicolas Cage) may be one of the biggest losers ever put to film but that still doesn't make it okay to talk about nailing his wife. When Glen (Sam McMurray) suggests they experiment with a little couples swinging, H.I. responds with a solid blow to the chin. The pure hilarity involved here is the thirty feet Glen travels between frames.

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