Top 10 Musicians Who Deserve Their Own Biopics

Hollywood loves a good rags to riches story almost as much as they love a good biopic. But, they love combining those things with a killer soundtrack. The best way to hit all three is to tell the life story of a famous musician. With so many musical biopics already released, it is surprising how many rock stars and singers have never had their tales told on the big screen before. Here is our ranking of the top ten musicians who deserve to have their own biopics. If you think we missed one or disagree with our choices, let us know in the comments below.

Michael Jackson

MOONWALKER is the closest we have ever had to a true biopic of the King of Pop. While Lifetime made a TV movie about Jackson, it was nowhere near the quality story worthy of his life. Recent documentaries and controversy around Jackson and abuse allegations may make this biopic too difficult to adapt until everything gets cleared up in the court of law and popular opinion. That is a damn shame because Michael Jackson's story is so epic it should get told.

Kurt Cobain

The films SOAKED IN BLEACH and Gus Van Sant's LAST DAYS have told fictionalized variations on the period leading to Cobain's death, but no film has followed his childhood through the formation of Nirvana and eventually to his untimely death. Cobain's influence on music history alone makes him worth telling his whole story. The legal ramifications from Courtney Love and the questions surrounding how Cobain died may make an unblemished biopic possible, but hopefully someday the story can be told.

The Beatles

There have been a ton of movies inspired by The Beatles music (ACROSS THE UNIVERSE and Danny Boyle's upcoming film, to name a few) and countless documentaries as well as glimpses at moments int the band's legacy (BACKBEAT, and NOWHERE BOY), but not a true rise of the band type story. Each member of the band could be worthy of their own movie, especially Lennon and McCartney, but telling their whole collective story is already the template for the perfect musical biopic. Lesser bands have had their tales told, why not the most famous band of all time?

Fleetwood Mac

Band biopics can sometimes be tricky when one or two members are far more recognizable than the rest. In the case of Fleetwood Mac, the fact that John and Christine McVie divorced during the recording of their album Rumours while Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks were fighting in their tumultous relationship adds a ton of drama to the mix. The band's long run may not be necessarily devoting a whole film to, but centering on the recording of just a single album that became one of the most acclaimed of all time could make for a very distinct and intriguing movie.

David Bowie

Some may recognize Bowie more for his film roles than his music while others will view it from the opposite perspective. While the movie VELVET GOLDMINE told a fictional take on Bowie's life, a true biopic has never materialized. With his central role in the Glam Rock sub-genre and his relationships with Lou Reed and Iggy Pop, Bowie's shape-shifting legacy is perfect for a sprawling movie. So many actors would kill for the chance to portray Bowie and I for one would love to see his son, director Duncan Jones, helm the film.

Bob Marley

Everyone can pinpoint the first time they heard a song by Bob Marley. The singer and activist has a unique sound and positivity to his music that it can appeal to children and adults alike. Few musicians have represented their genre as effectively as Marley has with reggae. Recognized around the globe over three decades after his death due to cancer, Marley's message of peace and love is exactly the type of story we need in this political climate.

Aretha Franklin

Another recent loss, Aretha Franklin's title as the Queen of Soul could double as the title for her eventual biopic. Having such an impact on countless musicians over her life, Franklin's tumultous life including a pregnancy at age 12, marriages that involved domestic violence, and civil rights activism make her story one that requires little added drama to make it a fascinating candidate for the biopic treatment. With so many songs that she will forever be associated with, the soundtrack alone is worth the price of admission.


Prince's legacy as a musician spans both albums as well as films. PURPLE RAIN ranks as one of the most famous musical movies of all time and was partly inspired by the man himself. While his death caught many off guard, I would not be shocked if there were already multiple pitches about bringing his life story to the big screen. It is hard enough to emulate Prince's vocal stylings, but I am sure there are many actors out there up to the challenge.

Amy Winehouse

The British chanteuse died of alcohol poisoning just as her star was rising. Tattooed and modern with a retro twist, Winehouse was unique amongst singers in the 21st century and her image has inspired many contemporary musicians. With several documentaries about her already released, it seems a foregone conclusion that a biopic will make it's way to screens. The in development film is set to start filming in 2019 but no stars have yet been attached.

Janis Joplin

Joplin is one of the most famous musicians to have never been presented in an official biopic. A member of the infamous 27 Club alongside Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix, Joplin's life was fictionalized in the acclaimed film THE ROSE which starred Bette Midler. In recent years, Amy Adams has been attached to a biopic that has lingered in development hell but will hopefully move forward. Joplin's rise to fame and tragic death are the stuff Hollywood studios love to make.

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