Top 10 Plot Theories and Titles for Avengers 4

By now, most of you have seen INFINITY WAR. Having endured that emotional rollercoaster, you have probably formulated as many theories about the upcoming fourth film as we have. The internet is exploding with theories and ideas based on the countless Infinity/Thanos related storylines in Marvel Comics history. With that in mind, here are our ten favorite potential titles and plot elements for AVENGERS 4. If you have some ideas we missed, let us know in the comments below. Please note that this column clearly features spoilers for AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, so if you have not seen the film and do not want it spoiled, turn back now!


This seems like the most logical and best fitting title. The fourth film could have the clever honor of being called FOREVER both as a nod to the ongoing legacy of the franchise but also to represent that no matter what death comes to the MCU, the Avengers themselves are eternal and cannot be broken. It is classy, simple, and would fit in with Kevin Feige saying the title would not be a spoiler. I like it, how about you?


It would seem natural to follow INFINITY WAR with INFINITY GAUNTLET. Thanos used his metal glove to harness the Infinity Stones and it was destroyed after he snapped his fingers. It would only seem natural that the focus put on seeing the Gauntlet mold on Nidavellir was an intentional nod to the remaining heroes needing to get their own gauntlet to use the stones to their benefit and undo what Thanos wrought.


With Ant-Man and Hawkeye noticeably absent from INFINITY WAR, there could be a good reason for them to debut in the fourth film. The recently released trailer for ANT-MAN AND THE WASP puts a major focus on the Quantum Zone teased in the first ANT-MAN film. Could this mystical realm hold the secret to defeating Thanos? My gut tells me that once this movie hits theaters, it will directly tie into AVENGERS 4 and explain why we have been seeing the mysterious set photos from the fourth film showing Scott Lang alongside classic Captain America. Could time travel through the Quantum Zone hold the key?


Yeah, Thanos definitely annihilated the MCU in INFINITY WAR. I am not sure you can get more annihilated than they already have been, but if there is a fitting name to the aftermath of INFINITY WAR, I can think of none better than Annihilation. Okay, so maybe Aftermath would be a good subtitle, but Annihilation is what Tony Stark and Steve Rogers want to rain down on Thanos.


The title of a major Marvel Comics event, The Thanos Imperative is an urgent title that reflects the team's need to take down the Mad Titan and return order to the universe. The team is utterly defeated at the end of INFINITY WAR, but the resolve to right the wrongs done by Thanos make it imperative for them to unite and take him down. There is no need to necessarily reference the comic event (like how AGE OF ULTRON ignored the comic of the same name) and instead use a title that puts the focus on the biggest villain in MCU history.


When the original AVENGERS was released in the UK, it was titled AVENGERS ASSEMBLED due to the film's title conflicting with the classic British spy series of the same name. With the team fractured and half the heroes turned to dust, it would be fitting to call the next movie DISASSEMBLED to refer to the truly broken status of the team.


We all know that the true deaths are coming in the fourth film. The contracts for Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans are coming to an end, so it would only be fitting for one (or both) of them to go out in a blaze of glory to save their colleagues and teammates. Even if they survive, the mantle is being passed to the next generation of heroes. So, why not give the next chapter a title that ushers in the new beginning for this fresh squad of Avengers?


Spoiler alert: half the MCU heroes die at the end of INFINITY WAR. But, as we all know, there are already sequels in development for Spider-man, Doctor Strange, Black Panther and the Guardians of the Galaxy, so their deaths are anything but final. Still, the quest for the remaining Avengers to bring their friends back to life would make for an intriguing quest in the fourth film.


Doctor Strange referred to the battle with Thanos as entering the "endgame" which would be a fitting title for the fourth film. We know this is a culmination of the first ten years of the MCU, so Endgame has a nice ring to it. It may be a bit too final for an ongoing franchise, but it would tie the two films together nicely.


This is a pretty far out there theory, but stick with me for a minute. Now that Disney has gained the rights to 20th Century Fox and their Marvel properties, why not introduce the biggest villain in the canon aside from Thanos. What if Thanos' master plan to wipe out half the universe was to prevent Galactus from consuming them? We are years away from the X-Men joining the MCU, but there should be no hold up to bring in the Fantastic Four's biggest foe.

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