Top 10 Samuel L. Jackson Team-Ups of All Time

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We all know who Samuel L. Jackson is. It is a fact that every movie he is in becomes better simply because of his presence. But, when he gets to team up with another character, it usually becomes required viewing. In honor of Jackson’s latest film, the action-packed adventure movie for the whole family, BIG GAME, we have compiled a list of the ten best team-ups in his career. BIG GAME shares a lot in common with the movies on this list and harkens back to the blockbuster action films we don’t get like we used to. So, to prepare for BIG GAME, check out these ten great partnerships. BIG GAME co-stars Onni Tommila, Ray Stevenson, Victor Garber, Ted Levine, Felicity Huffman and Jim Broadbent. It hits theaters on June 26th.


One of the best films of all times also features the classic repartee between Jackson and Travolta. Vincent and Jules come off as the best of friends as well as the most cutthroat of killers. While practically every line of dialogue in the movie is quotable, it usually comes down to Sam Jackson and one of his conversations with Travolta.


Would we even have the Marvel Cinematic Universe without Samuel L. Jackson? Nick Fury is the narrative glue that pulled all of the heroes together. Plus, he is such an ultimate badass that you forget he doesn’t have any superpowers. Jackson is strong enough he could lead a movie on his own, but he is put to better use making every other superhero movie that much better.


Jackson and Willis have teamed up as foes in UNBREAKABLE, but they work even better as a team. Jackson’s reluctant Zeus is the perfect partner John McClane never wanted. It is a travesty these two characters have not re-teamed for another DIE HARD.


George Lucas instantly knew Samuel L. Jackson would make the STAR WARS prequels better and even guaranteed him his own uniquely colored lightsaber. Mace Windu doesn’t have a ton of screen time but that doesn’t stop him from stealing every moment he appears in. From the concluding battle in ATTACK OF THE CLONES to his transformative fight with Palpatine, Mace Windu could be the coolest Jedi ever.


Even in animated form, Samuel L. Jackson is awesome. As FroZone, Jackson teams with Mr. Incredible to stop the newest villain, Syndrome. But, it is the quieter moments where the two heroes reflect on their past career that really sells the character. You definitely would want FroZone in your corner.


Samuel L. Jackson has been Shaft and he has been a member of S.W.A.T., but it is his partnership with Dwayne Johnson as the supercop duo Highsmith and Danson that almost steals THE OTHER GUYS from Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. Hitting every movie buddy cop cliché there is makes me want to see the characters in their own spin-off prequel.


Not your traditional team-up, but once you see the fire in Jackson’s eyes as Stephen, you know he is not just a complacent slave but a very intelligent and dangerous mentor and ally to Leonardo DiCaprio’s Calvin Candie. There are a lot of bad guys in this movie, but the pairing of these two could be the most menacing in any Quentin Tarantino movie to date.


One of Jackson’s most recent films had him playing a villain different than any in his career. Richmond Valentine is a billionaire philanthropist and a weak stomach but it is a good thing his henchwoman Gazelle has no problem with blood and violence. The two are a classic pairing out of a Bond movie but with a modern twist.


A personal favorite of mine, THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT is an action-packed classic that puts Geena Davis in a role very different than what she had become known for. Samuel L. Jackson plays her fast-talking partner in crime Mitch Hennessey. The two have an instant chemistry that leads to some great action scenes and memorable one-liners.


A spoof of movies like LETHAL WEAPON, this National Lampoon production casts Jackson in the Danny Glover role of the straight-laced cop partnered with a wild card. Estevez gets the broader comedic moments but Jackson is hilarious in his role.

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