Top 10 Spider-man Movie Moments (Video Edition)

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 marks the fifth big screen adventure starring your friendly neighborhood webslinger and is sure to thrill with the promise of some huge action sequences. Looking back over the twelve years worth of Spider-man movies yields some clear highlight moments from all of the movies. Here are our selections for the best from all the films. See if your favorites made the list and share additional picks in the talk backs below.

#1 - Train Battle (SPIDER-MAN 2)

The epitome of movie awesomeness, the train battle from SPIDER-MAN 2 feels like a comic book, video game, and dream come true. Everything blends together to create a thrilling and epic battle scene. Witty one-liners, an abundance of action, and a perfect setting makes this scene one that you can watch countless times and never get bored of. This scene is the highlight of all SPIDER-MAN films.

#2 - The Kiss (SPIDER-MAN)

Now a permanent moment in cinema history, the upside down kiss between Spider-man and Mary Jane is an indelible image that has been spoofed countless times. Tobey Maguire has told stories that it was a tedious scene to shoot but we fans are treated to an instant classic moment in not just comic book movies but all of film. Also, Kirsten Dunst's nipples.

#3 - Doc Ock Intimidates (SPIDER-MAN 2)

This sequence served as the teaser for SPIDER-MAN 2 and is almost as good as the World Trade Center teaser for the first film. Peter and MJ's difficult conversation s punctuated by the slow motion car crash. Damn, that tire gets so close to Tobey Maguire's face that you can almost smell the rubber. A good blend of CGI and practical effects is what made this scene and SPIDER-MAN 2 work so well. I will even forgive Kirsten Dunst for not knowing where to look during the quick zooms.

#4 - Gwen and Peter (THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN)

Knock the movie all you want but you cannot argue that there is chemistry between real life couple Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. Marc Webb definitely found a powerful balance between these two actors that truly makes you feel that Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker were truly in love. It will be quite a challenge to find a Mary Jane Watson who can reach this level of perfection.

#5 - J. Jonah Jameson (The SPIDER-MAN Trilogy)

Even Marc Webb has talked about bringing J.K. Simmons back in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 3 to portray J. Jonah Jameson because he is just so damn perfect in the role. Over the top, crass, and a literal translation from the written page, Simmons does for Jameson what Heath Ledger did for The Joker. Now no one else can ever play the role quite as well.

#6 - Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin (SPIDER-MAN)

Dane DeHaan may not have a mask on as he plays the Goblin, but Willem Dafoe's face may have been the model for his grimaces. Even without the Power Rangers-style headgear, Dafoe's unique characteristics made him the perfect Green Goblin. The mirror scene is a classic example of just how disturbing he was able to get in character.

#7 - The Transformation (THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN)

Sam Raimi's transformation sequence literally changed Peter Parker from nerd to super-buff hero, but Marc Webb treats the moment with a little more chaos. Peter doesn't suddenly get muscles but his burgeoning powers do cause a chain reaction of destruction while he tries to determine what the hell is going on with him. Andrew Garfield sells the scene.

#8 - Go, Web Go! (SPIDER-MAN)

While making Spider-man's webshooters an organic part of his body was met with disdain, the scene featuring Peter learning how to shoot them is friggin hilarious. My personal favorite is "up, up, and away, web!" but everything here is worth a chuckle.

#9 - Surgery, EVIL DEAD Style (SPIDER-MAN 2)

With a blockbuster hit out of the way, Sam Raimi was allowed a little more fun with the second film and it shows during the Doctor Octopus surgery scene. Using his point of view tricks, zooms, and a handy chainsaw, Raimi is able to bring a little bit of THE EVIL DEAD into the world of Spider-man. Most audiences probably thought the scene was goofy, but movie buffs got the nod to the horror classic immediately.

#10 - Becoming Venom (SPIDER-MAN 3)

Yes, SPIDER-MAN 3 pretty much sucked. Yes, the overall design of Venom sucked, too. But, if Sam Raimi was able to do anything correctly, it was the passing of the symbiote from Peter Parker to Eddie Brock. Almost a perfect recreation of the moment from the comic book, this scene is just about the best thing to take from the lackluster cap to Raimi's trilogy.

Honorable Mention - WTC Teaser (SPIDER-MAN)

Only briefly seen in theaters and on some VHS tapes, the first teaser for Sam Raimi's SPIDER-MAN was pulled after the events of September 11, 2001. Featuring an entirely original sequence shot for the teaser, Spider-man thwarts some bank robbers by capturing them in a gigantic web between the two World Trade Center towers. A powerful and iconic image, this sequence also serves as a reminder of what a teaser should really be. There is nothing spoiled in the movie itself but we still get an incredibly exciting visual tease.

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