Logan director says the final Wolverine film won't be a "CG f*ckathon"

Empire sat down recently with director James Mangold to talk about his new small, indie film about an obscure character from the funny pages, LOGAN. Advertised as the final Wolverine picture starring Hugh Jackman (though, then again, The Rolling Stones have had, what, like fifteen "Final Tours" by now?), so there's definitely a lot riding on this film to be the great swan song that the character, and actor, deserve. Here's what Mangold had to say:

The goal was to make something human...We made an effort to scale back on the gloss and greenscreen...[so] if you’re on the make for a hyper choreographed, gravity defying, city-block destroying CG fuckathon, this ain’t your movie.

Star Hugh Jackman expanded on this:

It's essential you see this as the story of a man who is struggling with mortality and legacy...and whether the world has been better off with him or without him.

Well, that's certainly reassuring, and it fits what the recent trailer was selling as well. Let's just hope the film lives up to that promise.

Now I haven't been keen on what I've seen of the film so far (it looks like a VOD BOOK OF ELI sequel to me), but I'm aware I may be the only one who thinks that (well, if the comments are anything to go by anyway). And, quite frankly? I'm just hoping for the best, and am honestly glad that people are digging it. If ever there was a time for me to eat crow, I hope it would be about this film. You know the old saying, "I hate being right all the time?" PLEASE, as a fan of the X-MEN films and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, let me be wrong about this one.

In any case, LOGAN will slice its way into theaters March 3rd, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: Wolverine, who always had a mysterious past, found out that his real name is Logan from a f*cking Leprechaun in the comics. I shit you not.
Source: Empire



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