Lohan in...Machete?

Lindsay's cute with glasses

I can understand that when you're a once-promising actress who's been -a bit deservedly- dragged in the mud by every gossip outlet on the planet AND you snubbed a part in THE HANGOVER which grossed over $250M domestic, you'd want to hang around DeNiro in a Rodriguez film to wash the last few years off your hair.

Truth be told, only Lindsay herself confirmed anything official about taking part in Rob Rod's MACHETE, which I learned from our buddy The Arrow when "inexplicably" finding himself on her Twitter page. Although Rodriguez DID tell MTV recently he'd have a part for her if she wanted it. If Rob says she'd be great for it, I trust Rob. Besides, she does have nice...attributes, and everybody loves a comeback-kid, right?

So according to Lindsay Lohan's huge fan The Arrow, the redhead Tweeted over the weekend with a cryptic message about an official deal, and linked the MACHETE page on IMDb.  Honestly, I got nothing against the gal, but still... Jaime King's too busy? How bout Rachelle Lefevre, I hear she's looking for a job these days...

Extra Tidbit: In his defense, Arrow says he was probably drunkreading. You're forgiven bro.



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