Long awaited Jimi Hendrix biopic to begin filming in Ireland with rapper Andre 3000 in the title role

Rock icon Jimi Hendrix is finally getting the big screen treatment in ALL IS BY MY SIDE. After several stalled attempts at making a movie about Hendrix, it will begin filming soon on location in Ireland. Rapper and occasional actor Andre 3000 will star in the title role.

Hendrix is an iconic American music legend whose career only lasted for about 4 years. ALL IS BY MY SIDE will chronicle the musician's early years in England in 1966 and the recording of his classic debut, Are You Experienced.

The film will be written and directed by John Ridley, screenwriter of THREE KINGS and U-TURN.

The rise and fall of musicians can make for great movies. Hollywood has always latched onto these tales and we have had quite a few excellent movies come out of it. They are also almost guaranteed to be Oscar contenders. Andre 3000 does have a short film career under his belt ranging from the drama FOUR BROTHERS, the musical IDLEWILD, the children's movie CHARLOTTE'S WEB, and the Will Ferrell comedy SEMI-PRO. This would be his first high profile starring role.

Extra Tidbit: I have nothing negative to say about this movie. I love Hendrix's music as well as Andre 3000. This works for me on all levels.
Source: Rolling Stone



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