Lots of shots of Paul Walker's driving face in this new trailer for Vehicle 19

Vehicle 19 banner

Films outside of the FAST AND FURIOUS franchise staring Paul Walker haven't done that well in theaters so why not put him back behind the wheel of car and see if audiences will respond?

That's all I can think of when I watch the new trailer for VEHICLE 19. I've heard the almost all of the movie takes place inside or directly outside the car (so kind of like BURIED on wheels) which is interesting but doesn't necessarily mean it'll be a good movie. The film is about a tourist (Walker) in South Africa who unknowingly picks up a rental car containing evidence that corrupt cops in the city desperately want back.

So far the film looks pretty generic but if the entire movie is one giant chase scene shown from the inside (or close proximity to) the car it could get pretty intense. I'm not saying this will be the next great action film but it could be a decent ride with some interesting shots if done correctly.

VEHICLE 19 should be out sometime this year and of course FAST AND FURIOUS 6 with Paul Walker is in theaters on May 6th, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: Who drives more: Paul Walker or Ryan Gosling?



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