UPDATED: Vehicle 19 director Mukunda Michael Dewil is NOT attached to Frank Miller’s Hard Boiled

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Hard Boiled

UPDATED: Producer Stephen L'Heureux from Solipist films has contacted several sites to inform them that at this time no one is currently attached to Hard Boiled. It might have been a case of miscommunication or Dewill talking big but regardless of the reason the fact is Dewill is not working on an adaptation. Sorry for the confusion guys!

Original: There are actually two films out this year with actor Paul Walker behind the wheel of a car: FAST AND FURIOUS 6 and VEHICLE 19, a film from director Mukunda Michael Dewil that we had a trailer for back in March. The film is currently playing in London and the director recently talked to Bleeding Cool about VEHICLE 19 and some of Dewil's upcoming projects. One of those projects is apparently an adaptation of the Frank Miller's Hard Boiled.

I’m adapting Frank Miller’s comic book called Hard Boiled with Stephen L’Heureux from Solipsist films. They just did Sin City 2 and they own a lot of Frank’s comics. That’s a very big project that’s going be out to market in a couple of weeks… it’s quite a big deal. We’re kind of pumped for that.

Here's the book description from Amazon:

Carl Seltz is a suburban insurance investigator, a loving husband, and devoted father. Nixon is a berserk, homicidal tax collector racking up mind-boggling body counts in a diseased urban slaughterhouse. Unit Four is the ultimate robot killing machine – and the last hope of the future's enslaved mechanical servants. And they're all the same psychotic entity

Hard Boiled is a comic I'm aware of but haven't read yet. Based on what I do know I think the film will need a pretty decent budget and I'm not sure if Mukunda Michael Dewil is the man for the job. I haven't seen VEHICLE 19 but it's currently sitting at 25% at Rotten Tomatoes, which doesn't inspire much confidence in me on the director helming the adaptation. Still, I've heard it's an interesting and violent comic that should lend itself well to the big screen and I'm intrigued to see how this develops.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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