MacGruber director to helm original comedy Spy Guys

The Lonely Island costumed

The Lonely Island trio is making another feature-length foray into filmmaking, but not in the form of a foul-mouthed musical as I might have hoped for.  No, it will instead be with a project called SPY GUYS that will be produced by Akiva Schaffer and Andy Samberg and directed by Jorma Taccone (MACGRUBER).  

Written by non-member Adam Sztykiel (DUE DATE, MADE OF HONOR), the project "centers on a CIA operative who, while attending a friend’s wedding in Europe, is framed and becomes an enemy of the state. Now on his own, he's forced to reveal his true identity to his average Joe buddies and enlists their help. When they aid his escape, they also become wanted, as accomplices, and they must go on the run together to clear their names."

No star has been named yet, but there are plenty of old pals Taccone could pull from the SNL pile - who would you go for? Samberg? Will Forte? Justin Timberlake? Or someone else entirely?

Extra Tidbit: The trailer for MACGRUBER was funny. The actual movie was, in my opinion, anything but.



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