The Amazing Spider-man sequel may be Webb-less

Looks like we may have another big budget movie director not returning for the sequel. While THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN did not do as well at the box office as THE HUNGER GAMES, it was definitely not a bomb. But, according to Columbia Pictures president Doug Belgrad, Marc Webb may not be back for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2.

But, the reasoning is not what you would think. Columbia wants to get THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN sequel going right away and Webb has a commitment with 20th Century Fox for two movies, the first of which was his (500) DAYS OF SUMMER. Assuming a deal can be struck, it sounds like Webb would be welcomed back.

I didn't hate THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, but I also don't think Webb brought anything irreplaceable to the story. I think his best work in the movie was the relationship scenes between Peter and Gwen. The action was blah at best.

Belgrad also referenced a couple of other successful films released recently by Columbia. He mentioned that the sequel to 21 JUMP STREET would begin shooting this fall. That seems like a no brainer. He also says that due to the success of MEN IN BLACK III that they are looking to a fourth film in the series but are not sure how to tackle it yet. That could mean they are trying to decide how to do it without Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones.

What do you think of the possibility of a Webb-less SPIDER-MAN?



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