Mark Hamill regrets voicing Last Jedi "doubts & insecurities"

As STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI continues to be the most divisive STAR WARS movie, well, ever, fans continue to debate about the choices Rian Johnson made in the sequel. Even Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, didn’t exactly see eye-to-eye with Johnson when it came to Skywalker’s new lease on life, and the actor has voiced some of those disagreements in the press. However, he recently took to social media to emphasize that this is no way means he didn’t like the movie.

Taking to Twitter, Hamill tweeted yesterday that he regrets comments he’s made about the disagreeing with the direction Johnson wanted to take Skywalker in, saying that these kinds of “creative differences” aren’t often vocalized to the public. Ultimately, he loves the movie and thinks it’s one of the best STAR WARS movies yet.

Hamill has indeed made the news for his comments about how different Skywalker is in this movie to the character he played in the original trilogy. Very recently stories made the rounds online with Hamill saying this new Luke was “not my Luke,” and has said in interviews in the past that he “struggled” to come to terms with the character's new personality. I mean, I would probably have gripes too if I learned my character was going to be a hermit living with a bunch of space penguins and fish nuns. 

Luke is certainly a vastly different character this time around, going from being full of hope and courage to being filled with fear and grief. The turn is quite dramatic, and being associated with such a specific kind of Luke for decades meant Hamill was probably always going to have a hard time coming to terms this new version. But he embraced his director and they made a far more interesting movie for it, and Hamill seems to agree with the final result.

STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI is in theaters now. 

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