Mark Wahlberg confirms he's returning for Transformers 5

These days Mark Wahlberg can be found hamming it up with Will Ferrell in the family comedy DADDY'S HOME. If you prefer your Wahlberg getting mixed up in the adventures of CGI robots who really have no need to "blend in" anymore, then you can put those fears to bed as the man confirmed that he is, in fact, coming back to face off against more Decepticons in TRANSFORMERS 5. In a press event for his latest, Wahlberg gave CinePOP the head's up that his character is returning. You can check out the video here, but it is limited to a super-enthusiastic, "Ughhhh, yes."

I think just about everyone's given up hope that the TRANSFORMERS flicks are going to offer anything more than an excuse for Michael Bay to do his usual thing, for better and (mostly) for worse. Still, they make a ridiculous amount of money so that's reason enough NOT to shake things up as far as the studio is concerned. Last we've heard, Akiva Goldsman is heading up the writer's room with plans to have Bay return to the director's chair. Sounds like it'll be big, fat paychecks for everyone involved.

TRANSFORMERS 5: THE SEARCH FOR MORE MONEY will arrive in theaters sometime in 2017.

Source: CinePOP



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