Matthew Perry returns!

For all of you out there in JoBloLand who are positively dying to see a Matthew Perry/Hilary Swank romantic comedy, boy do I have a treat for you today. Matthew Perry and Hilary Swank have signed on to star in the upcoming romantic comedy LAWS OF MOTION! The film would star Perry as a harried guy whose professional and personal life is in disarray. Swank will play his perfect-by-comparison neighbor. It's a logical choice for Perry who still doesn't know whether his NBC series "Studio 60" will be picked up for a second season. But Swank? Wasn't she like the youngest person ever to win two Oscars for Best Actress Ed. note: third youngest in history]? And she does FREEDOM WRITERS, THE REAPING and now a Matthew Perry romantic comedy? Yeesh. C'mon Swank. Filming was originally scheduled to begin last month in Connecticut but was pushed back to accomodate its stars.

Extra Tidbit: Worst Matthew Perry romantic comedy?: FOOLS RUSH IN, THREE TO TANGO or SERVING SARA?



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